AGUA VIVA PROJECT... creating awareness   ▼

Since 2010, this modern jewelry firm has proposed, together with FUDENA and MINALBA, to impact the public with an explicit speach about environmental conservation, from which the PROJECT AGUA VIVA is born.This initiative consists in contributing with the Venezuelan Foundation for the Defense of Nature, with a percentage of the sale of the pieces from the AGUA line, and continue with this ecological awareness campaign. With a common goal, mec and FUDENA come together to emphasize on the importance of the rational use of water, as a source of life and energy.

FUDENA / www.fudena.org.org

The Venezuelan Foundation for the Defense of Nature, is an independent, non-profit organization, which since 1975 has been dedicated to the conservation of natural resources and the promotion of sustainable development. The ¾ parts of the planet are covered by water, but only 3% is drinking water. Its consumption is essential for all forms of life. Every drop counts!

MINALBA / www.minalba.com.ve

Through its constant reforestation journeys, Minalba has cultivated more than 60 thousand new trees in order to protect the ecosystem. Minalba celebrates 30 years taking care of what takes care of you.


PONTI PROJECT … a jewel for GIO´s  jewel   

Since 2012 with the PONTI series, MEC seeks to emphasize the fact that the environment conditions society. Thus, she creates a means to actively help The Planchart Foundation, to preserve such an important JEWEL of architecture, art and universal design in Caracas: La Quinta El Cerrito.

For this project, mec proposed a series of 360 limited production bracelets inspired by the sensuality of modernism. It is a tribute to the universal design of the Italian architect Gio Ponti, who in the 1950s created one of the most important references of this movement in Venezuela.

MEC designs based on the graphical interpretation of the environment. For several seasons Caracas has been the theme of some of her pieces. Among others, she focuses on the modernist architecture of the city, its clean geometric lines, the shapes that suggest its angles and the light on its colors.

PLANCHART FOUNDATION / http://villaplanchart.blogspot.com/



Since the year 2014, with the sale of MEC Flor de Corazón FUCHSIA POP bracelets, we support the work of different foundations that work for Venezuelan women. Fuchsia is the color that connects with most women. It is the color that we use to talk about the consciousness of our body and our femininity.

SENOS AYUDA / www.senosayuda.org.ve/

FUNDANA / www.fundana.org/?post_projects=proyecto-3