FEBRUARY 2017 BRACELET FLOR DE CORAZÓN GREEN SABANA › The popular Flor de Corazón Heart bracelet, starts the season 2017 transforming into GREEN SABANA. In its version number 20 of the Palette Monochrome, mec proposes a darker tone than its first edition Green Selva, color of the year 2010. MEC revolves around color conceived as a whole language, to communicate different sensations. 

GAME EXPRÉSATE MEC › Set of materials to assemble a bracelet. Product designed for children ages 8 and up.Mec groups a selection of materials in 16 base colors and varied forms, with graphic and contrasting elements, to combine them freely as one can design a unique piece.It is a game to have fun expressing and creating, stimulating creativity and sensitivity for colors, shapes, sizes and textures.Mec invites you to share designs using the #ExprésateMec tag.This selection may contain one or more of the following materials: elastic thread, polymer, resin, glass, pearl, wood, horn, seed, bone, metal. It also includes illustrated knotting instructions in Spanish.

BRACELETS UNO › The Gran Sabana and its eternal powerful immensity, inspired this new edition of Bracelets UNO, based on the origins. From infinite skies fertile of rain, to flows of magical greens between rivers and jumps, mec designs 5 pieces with textures of stone and the colors of it´s ground.

BRACELETS CCS NOCHE › For mec, infinite probabilities, equations, proportions, and the infinite contrasts of beauty are the math of life. In this series mec translates the color, light and forms of Caracas by Night. Second edition 2011-2016

TATÚ ANKLE BRACELET › First edition of mec ankle bracelets. Basic complement in the form of a leaf, very comfortable and versatile, that suggests a special sensation of freedom and sensuality.Transparent elastic thread, crystal and 925 sterling silver.

BRACELET FLOR DE CORAZÓN SILVER MECANICA › In its edition 137, the popular heart bracelet Flor de Corazón transforms into a metallic color with a more dramatic and dark light than in the first edition SILVER LUZ of 2005. Rusty silver bath on acrylic, aged sterling silver and crystal. Limited Edition 200 bracelets.


JULY 2016 

TATÚ NECKLACE 925 STERLING SILVER  › In this capsule season, mec proposes a piece inspired in the Simple and the Classic. With a timeless speech, this piece reflects both an organic and a graphic reading. 100% 925 Sterling Silver.


APRIL 2016 

BABEL EARRINGS › In this capsule season, mec designs a series of  7 silver and crystal earrings, inspired by DIVERSITY and COMMUNICATION.



BRACELETS UNO 2016 / SABANA NOCHE › The Gran Sabana and its eternal powerful immensity, inspired this end of season based on The Origins. Their black nights, makes us sensitive to the colors that flash in the deep darkness.



From infinite skies fertile of rain, to flows of magical greens between rivers and jumps, mec works over 40 pieces with textures of stone and colors of the gorund. The Gran Sabana and its eternal powerful immensity, inspired this end of season based on The Origins.

    • UNO: Origin – 5 versions
    • PANDORA: Biodiversity – 13 versions
    • VITRAL: Transparency in color – 4 versions
    • TIERRA: Fertile land – 1 version
    • NEUTRAL TEPUI: Silhouette of a Tepui – 1 version
    • AGUA KAMÁ: Salto Kamá, rainy season – 1 version
    • PRIMARIA: rimary textures – 5 versions
    • PANDORA: Biodiversity – 3 versions
    • INDIANO: Indigenous, native – 9 versions


10 YEARS FLOR DE CORAZÓNGUACAMAYA POP … love and color in motion.
Throughout the year 2015, mec shared with the public the 10 years celebration of its popular Heart Bracelet Flor de Corazón. This piece has been edited to date, in more than 130 different variations of tones and combinations. With its designs, mec proposes that color is communication; and with this new line GUACAMAYA POP, seeks to celebrate DIVERSITY working the proportions of 28 solid tones. This modern jewelry firm interprets, in 40 pieces full of Caribbean fantasy, the tricolor of the Ara Bandera Americana.During February, May, August and November, mec launched its varied interpretations of this beautiful animal, offering to the public more freedom, diversity and versatility.



MEC is an interpreter of her environment. She uses different design themes to give identity and character to each line. From SEASON TWO-2010, the limited production pieces are listed, to have a record of their original design concept.SERIES NOMENCLATURE:S / A = Open SeriesP / U = Unique Piece1/50 = Piece number 1 of 50 pieces produced (in some cases the editions are repeated)