INDICATIONS FOR USE ► Delicate treatment. Strong impacts, falls, abuse or misuse, could damage a part. We recommend cleaning beads and metals with a dry cotton cloth.


SERVICE AND REPAIR ► These services support our commitment to the quality of all our designs, original raw materials and manufacturing. Read the policies in detail to:

  • Make an application.
  • Send your piece to our workshop.
  • Approve your billing
  • Receive your piece back.


  • If the piece you purchased fits large or small on you, we offer size changing service, according to your requirement.



  • We offer this service to replace the elastic cord, to the piece that you feel needs cord replacement, for the use or the time of use.
  • In any case, we recommend sending the piece to our workshop every two (2) years, to replace the elastic cord.
  • In very few cases, the elastic cord of a bracelet may burst before two (2) years of use. This is why we suggest to use the maintenance service, after this period of purchase.


  • We offer cleaning service for the metals of our pieces.
  • Flor de Corazón SILVER LUZ and VINTAGE GOLD: If the colors of these metals change, we recommend sending the piece to our workshop to evaluate its condition, and to be able to offer you the service that suits you the best as the case may be.
  • Take into account that all metals react in different ways to the different PH of the skin, and also to the time or frequency of use.
  • We recommend cleaning metals with a dry cotton cloth, without metal cleaning products


  • We offer replacement service for damaged beads, only if they are available in our raw material warehouse.
  • We recommend cleaning beads with a dry cotton cloth.


  • We offer repair service for our pieces, for any manufacturing defect and also for their use and deterioration.
  • To attend to any other case, contact us explaining the damage of the piece to quote a service.


  • Change or replacement of 1 leaf bead: 0.50 $
  • Change or replacement of 1 6mm bead: 0.50 $
  • Change or replacement of 1 Heart Color bead: 1.50 $
  • Change or replacement of 1 Heart Metal bead: 2.00 $
  • Change or replacement of 1 MEC signature: 6.00 $
  • Replacement of elastic thread: 1.50 $

NOTE: At the total cost of maintenance or repair services, we add a 50% surcharge for labor costs and administrative expenses.



  • If you want to contact our workshop before sending a shipment, you can contact us directly. Read CONTACT details and CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  • If you decide to send us your part to make a request, complete the SERVICE AND REPAIR FORM on this screen. Read SHIPPING instructions.
  • When we receive your piece in our workshop, we will contact you via e-mail with the requested service billing.
  • You must approve and pay the full amount of your request billing, to proceed with the return. Read PAYMENT METHOD.




  • Send to our workshop address:

María Elisa Carmona / MEC

Avenida Principal de Las Mercedes C/C Veracruz

Edificio La Hacienda. Piso 5 Apto 15L

Caracas 1060 – Venezuela


  • You must send us an email to info@mec.com.ve notifying your shipment, indicating:
    •  Courrier company:
    • Tracking number:
    •  Shipping Date:
  • If the return destination is out of Venezuela, the rate will be calculated based on the address provided. You will receive a notification to adjust the freight according to the destination address.
  • The item should be packed carefully to avoid damage to its parts. We suggest using the same amount of paper wrap, received in its original packaging. If the piece is damaged during transportation, we can quote it´s repair.




  • Vía your PAY PAL account.
    • Pay for goods or services.
    • Send payment to me.carmona@hotmail.com
  • You must send us an email notifying your payment, indicating:
    • Transaction No:
    • Transaction date:
    • Amount:




If you need more assistance, you can contact our workshop directly.

  • E-mail: info@mec.com.ve / We will respond to your mail within 24 hours on business days.
  • Tel: + 58-414-4423479 / From 10am to 4pm CCS-Venezuela
  • Tel: + 58-212-7163614 / From 10am to 4pm CCS-Venezuela


Service and Repair