Maria Elisa Carmona is a self-taught Venezuelan jewelry designer based in Caracas. Since 1998 she has been developing her modern jewelry brand. MEC´s work starts at the material selection, seeking to enhance the most sensitive and harmonious combinations of colors, shapes and textures. She conceives her work as an interpretation of her culture, and uses a timeless aesthetic language to create easy to read pieces. Her inspiration comes from the biodiversity, the contrasts and the magic of her environment. Through MEC, Maria Elisa Carmona searches to celebrate the fact that in the Caribbean it’s . always summer.


Comfort – Coherent and light structures, which respect the natural balance of an easy to wear jewel.

Versatility – Designs that function freely in everyday life, aiming to complement the most diverse styles of women.

Quality – In a meticulous creation process, each piece is produced paying strict attention to detail and precise manufacturing.

Character – MEC sees color as an entire language that can communicate different sensations. In every new season, all pieces reflect her personal perspective of love and pride for identity.


MEC works with more than 2600 different optimum quality materials that vary in colors, shapes and sizes. From hand made beads, industrial resins and polymers, crystals, woods, horns, pearls and stones, to the finest sterling silver, bronze and copper alloys. Elastic and linen cords, or metallic wires. Most pieces are designed and signed in very limited production series.